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Open a General Partnership in Norway

Updated on Monday 09th January 2023

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When two or more partners decide to jointly open a company in Norway, they can register the new enterprise as a general partnership so that the liability of the business to be supported in its entirety by all the partners.

There are two main types of partnerships in Norway, on which our consultants in company formation in Norway can give complete information. 

Main features of the general partnership in Norway

When investors intend to form together a new business entity, they can choose from two main types of partnerships in Norway who differ from each other in the way the financial responsibility is attributed to the participants: the general partnership (ANS) and the general partnership with shared liability( DA). Firstly, in a general partnership (ANS) the partners bear unlimited liability for the company, so in the eventuality of debt, when one of the partners is unable to pay, the other will have to cover the total debt of the enterprise. 
According to the Company Law in Norway, the partners who establish together a ANS can be natural persons as well as legal persons, such as other companies. The address of the office for the ANS must be a location in Norway.
You can call on our consultants in company formation in Norway for a detailed description of the legal structures in this country and on the advantages of each type of general partnership that you can form. 

How to open a general partnership in Norway?

The basic steps for opening a general partnership in Norway consist of the name reservation and business registration. In order to register a new company the owners must provide several documents such as the articles of association and a proof of the minimum capital deposited to a local bank. 
The application for a general partnership in Norway must be submitted to the Business Register in order to receive the approval of functioning from the authorities. In Norway, the verification of the documents which results in an official response is processed in the shortest time, in order to avoid the delay of the business activity in this country.
Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists in company registration in Norway in order to help you organize your business as a general partnership in this country. We can also advise on tax legislation matters. The main law for VAT registration in Norway outlines requirements that apply to both domestic and foreign businesses, as well as to sole proprietors who voluntarily register for this tax. They can also get a lot of advantages, such VAT refunds, depending on various aspects. Do not hesitate to contact our local consultants for guidance on the advantages of having a VAT number.

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