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Open a Liaison Office in Norway

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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A liaison office in Norway, also called representative office, provides to foreign investors a contact point with the local market in this country. The head office of a company situated abroad can open in Norway a representative office, which does not have the right to undertake commercial tasks but can conduct liaison activities.

Our specialists in company formation in Norway are ready to explain to you in detail the procedure for opening a liaison office in this country and the advantages that this legal form offers to foreign investors.

Why open a liaison office in Norway

A liaison office or representative office allows a parent company to promote financial collaboration between the head office and other enterprises or collaborators in Norway. Although a liaison office cannot directly perform a business activity, it can however support and impulse the performance of a company, through the communicational ties that it can establish in the new markets.
A foreign investor in Norway may choose to open first a representative office in this country, in order to establish partnerships and relations and also in order to support the recruitment of new members.
Our specialists in company registration in Norway can help you appropriately establish a liaison office in this country by explaining to you what laws of the Norwegian state regulate the formation of representative offices

How to register a liaison office in Norway

The procedure for opening a liaison office in Norway must take place according to the legal framework in this country. A representative office can be registered with the Norwegian Company Register, in a similar way to company registration, after a preliminary name reservation and approval. 
You should know that a liaison office in Norway will not be subject to taxation provisions since this legal form does not perform any commercial activities.    
Don’t hesitate to contact our experts in company formation in Norway in order to ask your questions and clarify all the aspects implied by the establishment of a liaison office in this country. 

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