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Set Up a Call Center in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 10th November 2021

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Set-Up-a-Call-Center-in-Norway.jpgcall center in Norway is included in a larger economic sector, named Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The activities of a BPO company, including a call center, are typically related to back-office services that are provided by a business to another company. Those who want to open a company in Norway registered in this sector must know that the activities of the call center can range from customer service, accounting and payroll, administrative services, procurement, to technical assistance and other related services. Our team of specialists in company formation in Norway can advise foreign businessmen on the main procedures for registering a call center in this country. 

What are the main services delivered by a Norwegian BPO business?  

As mentioned above, the BPO involves a wide range of business activities that are concluded by employees who have a wide range of skills in using modern means of communication (internet, telephone) and technical capabilities and who are also able to deliver such services not only in the local language, but also in other foreign languages, as the BPO company (and the call center) will offer their services to other companies. Some of the main activities developed by a call center are: 
  • accounting services – available for Norwegian companies that prefer to outsource the accounting department to a BPO business, which already hires specialists in the field;
  • telemarketing services – a branch that is specialized in selling various types of products and services and which requires employees who are able to speak many foreign languages;
  • IT outsourcing – offering IT solutions to local and foreign customers who are using specific types of IT products/services;
  • HR services – the field of human resources (HR) is also one of the main activities of a call center
If you want to register for VAT in Norway, our specialists can assist you.

Are there any special employment rules for Norwegian call centers? 

Although there are no special regulations which address specifically to Norwegian call centersemployers will have to respect the employment legislation concerning the schedule of their employees. Due to the fact that a call center usually operates 24 hours a day and delivers its services across the world, it will generally employ a 3 shifts scheduleour team consultants in company registration in Norway can offer in-depth information regarding the employment rules available here. 
The regulations concerning the employment schedule provisions are prescribed by the Labor Act – Chapter 10, which offer the legal background regarding working during the night shift or during weekends and national holidays. Investors are invited to contact our team of consultants in company formation in Norway for more details related to this subject. 

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