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Why Invest in Norway

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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A founding member of the United Nations, Norway has a long tradition in international cooperation. Although this country is not a European Union member, it has a special economic relation to the EU. Norway is also part of the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) and the Schengen Agreements, benefiting from a preferential TRQ (tariff-rate quota). These economic relations with the Union are an important aspect to consider when you intend to invest in Norway, for example when you decide to open a company in Norway

The advantages of investing in Norway

With its exports exceeding the imports, Norway is a trade surplus country. This is one reason for which Norway is a safe and easy spot for your investment. Other reasons to invest in Norway are as well:
  • a competent labor force (Norway has a high score in the Human development Index, with a highly skilled and multilingual population);
  • the buying capacity of the population (Norway has one of the highest GDP among the developed countries);
  • high level of organization of the public sector;
  • a good infrastructure (98 airports, 92 946 km of road);
  • governmental support of foreign investment (bilateral investment treaties signed between Norway and several countries);
  • modern economy based on the concepts of mixed economy and welfare state;
  • abundance of resources (Norway has a prosperous agriculture based on the fertility of the region, a massive oil production and a constant exploitation of stockfish);
  • transparent policy and a a clear and modern Companies Law.

Foreign investment in Norway

With a stable business environment, the FDI stock in Norway (foreign direct investment) increased by 26658 NOK Million in the second quarter of 2016, investments coming principally from Germany, The Netherlands, UK and Canada. The foreign investors in Norway have preferred specific industries over others:
  • oil;
  • gas;
  • manufacturing;
  • retail;
  • wholesale;
  • banking.
For investors who decide to open a subsidiary in this country, the most popular types of business forms in Norway are the limited liability companies. 
Our experts in company formation in Norway can help you with any desired information, counseling and preliminary organization of your investment comprising assistance in a Norwegian company formation, the gathering of the necessary documentation and the obtaining of the special permits and licenses that you might need. Feel free to contact us for discussion concerning your investment in Norway.

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