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Workforce in Norway

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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Investors who intend to open a Norwegian company might be interested as well in some of the advantages provided by the workforce in Norway. The Norwegian population is in its majority highly qualified and educated. This gives companies multiple options for the choice of trained personnel, who can deal easily with jobs in various areas of activity. You may find from our specialists in company formation in Norway more information which can help you become familiarized with the particularities of the human resources in this country and with the employment regulations.

Particularities of the workforce in Norway

There are several particularities which make the Norwegian workforce a very good option for the implementation of your investment projects. The quality has a key role in the Norwegian working environment as well as the combined care for both security and flexibility of the job.
As a foreign investor in Norway you might be interested to take into consideration the expectations of your employees regarding future job opportunities in the organization. You might need as well to know some of the most important aspects provided in the Employment Law in Norway.  
The advice concerning the workforce in this country, provided by our experts in company formation in Norway, can be effectively implemented into your company actions.

Other aspects concerning the workforce in Norway

If you decide to open a company in Norway you will no doubt have to take into consideration several aspects concerning employment regulations of this country. Some of the issues that you might keep in mind are:
  • insurance and safety regulations;
  • the number of working hours allowed per day;
  • equality of the rights including gender or belief issues;
  • the rights to holiday and leisure time;
  • how the pension is calculated and allocated.
Through the elaboration of a balanced employment contract you can ensure that the resources and work capability of your employees are utilized in their active work. In Norway a company must register its newly employed personnel for social security. Our Norwegian lawyers can help you with these procedures which imply that each employee must apply for retirement pension and several other types of insurances, such as disability insurance or occupational accident insurance. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists in company formation in Norway for more information concerning the workforce and employment issues in this country.    

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