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Set up a Private Limited Liability Company in Norway

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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Aksjeselskap(AS), the Norwegian private limited liability company, is a company based on a minimum share capital of 30,000 NOK (~3,850 EUR) and with limited liability responsibilities of the shareholders. This type of company may be formed by two or more shareholders. Our Norwegian company formation agents can handle the entire process of setting up this type of legal entity in Norway.

Steps for opening a limited liability company in Norway

First step in opening a private limited liability company is choosing a name and verify it at the Register of Business Enterprises. If the name it’s available it can be reserved.

The second step is opening a bank account and deposit de minimum share capital of 30,000 NOK. The balance sheet of the newly company must be examined by an auditor.

An organization number must be received from the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, so an application must be filled for setting up a limited liability company in Norway. This application must contain the following information: the type and the name of the company, the address, the main role of the company and if available, the name of the members of the board, the time of formation, the name of the persons with unlimited liability, auditor, accountant, signature, the number of employees, the contribution of shareholders. The registration is free of charge.

The Memorandum of Association must be submited at the Register of Business Enterprises. This operation must be accomplished within 3 months after the signing. Our experienced company formation agents in Norway can handle all the company registration steps for you, no matter the type of company you choose to incorporate in this country.

The information that must be registered is: the name of the entity, the articles of association, the date of incorporation, registered headquarters, the share’ s price, the role of the company, the names of the board members and the name of the general manager. This process takes a few days if it is via Internet or a few weeks if it’s done in person. A fee is requested for every registration and every notification.

In the same time, the VAT request must be filled and a registration for injury insurance and pension plan for the employees.

Requirements for opening a LLC in Norway

When setting up a LLC in Norway, the General Meeting has the role of choosing the members of the board. At least half of the members must be from Norway, unless the members are EEA residents.

If the share capital of a limited liability company is above 3.000.000 NOK (390,000 EUR), at least 3 members of the board must be picked. The members of the board must elect the General Manager. He must be a Norway resident or from another EEA country. The General Meeting takes management decisions like: liquidation, merger, increasing or decreasing the amount of share capital.

If the company ceases to exist, a notification must be sent to the Register of Business Enterprises.

For more details about the Norwegian LLC and for professional company incorporation services, our team of company formation specialists in Norway is at your disposal. Contact us now for a personalized offer.

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