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VAT in Norway

Updated on Sunday 18th April 2021

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The taxation system of Norway is very efficient and at the same time very well calculated in order to maintain an continuous investment flow in the economy of the country. The standard rate for VAT is of  25%, but there are as well some reduced rates of 15%, 10% and 0% which are applied to several types of products and commercial activities. Our Norwegian company formation specialists are ready to provide complete information services regarding the VAT tax rates and conditions in this country.

When is a company required to register for VAT in Norway?

The VAT represents a consumption tax which applies on a product at each stage of the good's production. If you started already the procedures for your company registration in Norway, you should be aware that every enterprise which conducts commercial activity in this country for more than twelve months and with revenues of more than 50 000 NOK is obliged to register for VAT and to emit invoices with VAT
You will be considered a taxable entity in Norway if:
  • your company deals with the delivery of merchandise in Norway;
  • you have export activity from Norway;
  • you import, assemble or install goods in Norway;
  • your enterprise provides services such as consultation, entertainment or sport;
  • your annual turnover is more than 50 000 NOK.
If you want to know more about the way in which the 2021 VAT regulations in Norway should apply to your company you can call on the expertise of our specialists in company formation in Norway
The procedure for Norwegian VAT registration in 2021 can be done in a simple manner with the help of our agents.

VAT registration in Norway in 2021

The process of obtaining a VAT number in Norway in 2021 is not complicated and can be part of the business registration procedure when the shareholders want to avoid complications or additional procedures later.

Foreign enterprises must also register for VAT in Norway in 2021 if they supply VAT-payable goods or services and those who need assistance can rely on our company formation specialists.

More VAT facts in Norway in 2021

If you want to open a company in Norway, the sector of the business activity will not decide only the type of entity that you are going to choose but also whether you remain outside the VAT scope. If you provide health care services or if you conduct educational activities, then you are not forced to apply for VAT. The social and financial services have the same status in terms of VAT
The reduced rates of 15% and 10% function for the delivery of food and accommodation services, passenger transportation, and cinema industry. When you don’t necessarily decide to open a company in Norway but still remain involved in the Norwegian market, you can call on a VAT representative in order to register for VAT in 2021.
The VAT returns must be submitted at each two months on an electronic platform called Altinn. For more details concerning the VAT rates and norms in Norway feel free to contact our specialists in company formation in Norway

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