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Set Up a Cryptocurrency Company in Norway

Updated on Wednesday 10th November 2021

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Since the apparition of the bitcoin, Norway has been active on the cryptocurrency market. The 25% VAT tax which was at first imposed by the authorities for the BTC gains was removed from 2015, a measure which aligned the Norwegian cryptocurrency market to the EU regulations. If you are interested to set up a cryptocurrency company in Norway or to bring your business in the Fintech area, you can rely on our specialists in company formation in this Norway, who can familiarize you with the registration procedures in this country.

The cryptocurrency environment in Norway

Norway is one of the most advanced economies in Europe and a country with a high technological level. With a vibrant Fintech sector, new companies which are set up by foreign investors in the area of cryptocurrencies find in this country a welcoming environment in which to implement their business strategies. 
Some of the actions implied in the cryptocurrency transactions in Norway can be employed by companies without a special license, however more complex Fintech procedures and services can be performed by local businesses only in base of an authorization which can be obtained from the Data Protection Authority.
Cryptocurrency is a new field with many gain opportunities and our experts in company registration in Norway can help you with information in order to speed up your accommodation in the Norwegian market. 
Our specialists can also help you apply for a VAT number in Norway.

Company formation requirements for a cryptocurrency business in Norway

In order to set up a cryptocurrency company in Norway you will need to register your legal structure with the local business register. Our specialists in company formation in Norway can help you prepare the required documentation comprising papers which can prove your identity as well as the articles of association of the enterprise. 
In Norway you will find suitably trained work force, capable to respond to the needs of one of the most modern areas of the financial sector. Moreover the governmental support for new investments in the field of cryptocurrency represents a plus of motivation for investors who intend to open a company in Norway.  
Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants in company registration in Norway for more information on the local structure and local opportunities for investors in the cryptocurrency sector.

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