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Shelf Companies in Norway

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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Shelf companies, sometimes called ready-made companies, are already established enterprises, very attractive for investors. Thanks to their business maturity, shelf companies provide several advantages such as the acquiring of bank credits in a faster and more simplified fashion. These companies represent an advantageous option for investors interested in starting their business activities in Norway as fast as possible. Our specialists in company formation in Norway can help businessmen purchase shelf companies in this country

Why shelf companies in Norway?

Shelf companies have already a business history when they are acquired by the buyer. This means that the investor doesn’t have to follow anymore the procedures of company registration in Norway. What a shelf company will do for you is to speed up the initiation of your business, by offering you a ready-made usable bank account and a name that, depending on the record and history of the company, may give you a plus of credibility. 
A shelf company acquisition means also to skip the time consuming processes of documentation required by the company formation procedure in Norway.   
A well-chosen ready-made company will help you with a rapid construction of your image on Norway's business market and might as well come with an already trained public, open to the products of your company. 

Procedures of shelf company acquisition in Norway

When deciding to buy a shelf company in Norway, a most important step is the very choosing of this company, according to some criteria:
  • the type of the company (limited liability company or partnership); 
  • the domain of activity;
  • how long a history does the company already have (start-ups, established or mature companies).
When you buy a ready-made company and you intent to continue using the initial bank account of the company, you are obliged as well to keep its name. However, if you want to choose another name, then you won’t be allowed to use the same bank account and you will have to open another one.
The next step in the opening of your business is to find a Norwegian company formation specialist in order to help you with the transfer of ownership and the amending of the business code. 
Please contact us whenever when you intend to open a company in Norway by the acquisition of a shelf company. Our company formation experts can offer professional consultancy regarding the choice of the enterprise, and they can help you with the transferring of the property rights so that you can initiate your business activities as soon as possible.   


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